Located in the USA?

I-9 Process Review:

The purpose of the I-9 process is to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. 


  • You can start this process 30 days prior to your first day at HubSpot. Please have this task completed prior to your first day at HubSpot.
  • If you have any questions, please contact

Background Check Information: 

Sterling logo

Sterling, the vendor that will run your background check will be reaching out to you for 2 most recent and relatable work locations and your latest education degree.

Please prioritize on following the steps on the Sterling email- you should receive the email 30 days prior to your start date or upon hire. 

If you have been previously employed by HubSpot, please do not add it as part of your work history.

When is HR reviewing my background check?

The HR team will be reviewing applications once completed closer to your start date.  Should additional information be needed, the HR team will contact you directly.

HR will not be reaching out if they don’t need more information,  that means  “no news is good news

I have Work or Education Discrepancy in my report.

Once the background check is completed and HR feels they need to get additional information for work experiences or Education, they will reach out directly to you to request more information closer to your start date.

If you have a discrepancy we suggest you have the following documents available, just in case, HR reaches out:

  • Work: Offer Letter,  W2 or 1099, Paystubs, Employment Verification Letter
  • Education: Diploma, Transcript, Graduation Completion Credentials
The HR team is not as strict with the documents shared as Sterling.  Any evidence that points out that you work or studied in the places submitted will suffice.
Can I start with HubSpot if my application still in progress?


HubSpot HR will review the in-progress background check and, if everything looks good, we will wait until it is completed. If we have any questions, we will reach out directly to you while you are onboarding.
When will Sterling reach out to prior employers?

Sterling will start contacting prior employers immediately after the request is submitted by the candidate.

If you do not want Sterling to reach out to your past employers: 

You will have the option to opt out on Sterling contacting your past employers while filling out your work experience. However, you will need to provide this information directly to Sterling with a combination of documents such as W2, 1099, Offer Letters and/or Paystubs. 

What should I do if I have technical problems with Sterling?

Sterling is a third party vendor, and given this arrangement HubSpot HR is not able to assist when technical problems arise. 

Good news! 
You can always open a ticket directly with Sterling's support team by sending an email to or calling them at 888-889-5248. 

Can I see the progress of my background check process and view the report once it is complete?

You will have full visibility into your Sterling report once complete! To view the report, log into your Candidate Hub - the results will be posted under "Reports." 

If I have questions regarding my background checks who should I reach out to?

However, if you have a question about how to complete your background check, please contact

HubSpot HR cannot intervene when a background check is in progress. If you have a question about what was submitted, you can open a ticket directly with Sterling support by sending an email to explaining your situation/concern! They are ready to help. 

Please be aware that our incredible HR team will be reviewing applications once completed, should additional information be needed, they will contact you directly. A general rule in this process is that “no news is good news!"

Prior to your first day:

You'll receive an email from Workday, our HR system, where we maintain all your information. This is where you'll complete your onboarding tasks. When you log in to Workday, you'll have pending items in your inbox. If you are having any difficulty logging in to Workday, please email

Payroll: Timeline
1. Determine your pay group. This can be found in your offer letter. 
2. When is Pay Day?
As a new hire, the pay-through dates below will help you identify your upcoming pay dates. You will receive payment based on your start date. 

imageimage (1)

3. How is my salary calculated?
  • Your non-exempt salary = Annual Salary /26
  • Hourly rate = (Total Weekly Compensation) / # Hours Worked That Week
  • Overtime Pay= [(Hourly rate)*1.5]*(overtime hours worked)
Salary Exempt:
  • Your Semi-Monthly salary = Annual Salary /24
  • Your Semi-Monthly hours = 2080 Hours /24= 86.6
* This pay group is not eligible for Overtime*
Workday Tasks

1. Personal Information: Address:
Please ensure that your primary address on file is accurate. Your primary address is used to determine your residency for tax purposes.

2. W-4
Complete your IRS- form W-4. The way you fill out this form determines how much tax HubSpot will withhold from your paycheck. *As an employer, we can not provide tax advice to our employees. Should you have any questions regarding tax impact, we advise you to work with a tax professional.

 3. Bank Account
To ensure that you are set up to receive direct deposit, add a bank account in Workday. Please be sure to make an election for all payroll deposits.

If you have an questions please reach out to payroll as guided below,

  • Prior to your start date please email
  • After your start date please raise a ticket on HelpSpot. (We will show you how to do this on your first day)

Do you have questions for our team? 

We are here to help and would love to hear from you! Click the button below to chat with our incredible HR team.